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Baker Atlas China Geoscience Training and Recruiting Center was established Dec. 30, 2005. In the year 2006, we have collaborated with Baker Atlas closely on setting up the center. We have completed the first year tasks outlines in the TRAINING CENTER AGREEMENT which was signed in late 2005.

1. Atlas provided Yangtze University a specialized training.
    During May 7 and May 16, 2006, Dr. Jianghui Wu, an RCI expert of Baker Atlas, gave postgraduates and graduates of Yangtze University a short course on RCI

Technology. About 90 students attended the training course and took the corresponding examination.
2. eXpress 3.2 Installation and Training
    Baker Atlas provided Yangtze University its main well logging interpretation software licenses, eXpress 3.2, free of charge. Yangtze University has dedicated several SunBlade Workstations specifically for eXpress training. One of our senior faculty members, Prof. Jun Li, has taught the eXpress training course to postgraduates and graduates of Yangtze University. More than one hundred students have acquired skills of using eXpress 3.2 to interpret log data acquired in XTF data format. Several senior students have used eXpress based interpretation for doing research and included the results in their B.S. or M.S. theses.

3. Baker Altas Scholarship
    Funded by Baker Atlas, Yangtze University has established Baker Atlas Scholarship for postgraduates and graduates. Baker Atlas Scholarship enhances academic achievement competition among our students and points the students to new career opportunities for students in the geoscience disciplines. The first set of scholarships was granted to 12 graduate and undergraduate students in May 2007.

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